Sleeping Bags

As a Joey Scout Leader, I find a lot of parents tend to skimp and buy the cheapest, cutest sleeping bags from Kmart, Target or Big W. Although I am always looking for a cheap bargain myself, this is definitely an item that cheapest is definitely not the best. The character sleeping bags (like the ones picture above) are cute but are often rated for 12 degrees therefore unless you are at a sleepover with your friends inside with heating then these are definitely not for camping or tents.  Please don’t let your child freeze and the cheapest 0 degree sleeping bag I could find at Kmart was $40. I would pay this to make sure my young child is warm at night.

I love my -7 degree sleeping bag, but bought this from BCF for $89 (on sale) and I would never buy anything less than a 0 degree sleeping bag in the future. My husband is a cub leader and has a minus 5 degree sleeping bag bought from BCF for $79 (on sale) and loves it. I do have a more lightweight hiking bag that I use in summer for hiking but as it still gets cold at night in Australia, I rarely use it and still prefer to pack my new warm one.

For the online shoppers have some great sleeping bags that are a bargain and rated well there is a link below with some minus 10 degree bags cheaper and will be way warmer than Kmart option. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

WEISSHORN Single Sleeping Bag Camping Gear -10°C 220cm x 80cm Water Proof Winter Blue

WEISSHORN Single Sleeping Bag Camping Gear Liner Hiking Camping Winter Summer Lightweight Cotton -10 °C 220cm x 80cm Campact Carry Bag Grey and Black

Meteor 220 x 80 cm Mummy Camping Sleeping Bag Comfort Family Outdoor Backpacking Hiking Tent (-10°C to +9°C)

WildEarth Sleeping Bags (Affiliate Link)

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