Yoga and Scouting

With COVID-19 and Scouting at Home for quite some time there has been a lot of talk about mental health with youth and I have been researching and finding resources for mental health, mindfulness and well-being programs for our youth. I will get my Scouts to do some of these on the school holidays and post some pictures!

Upon researching Yoga I thought about a theme of Yoga and the outdoors to make it a bit more scouting. There are a lot of resources and ideas around for Yoga Poses for Kids. There are a number of videos and instructional sheets that you can use. Find the ones that fit your theme and that you would like to do. See the image on the next page for some ideas. Think how you can incorporate scouting, camping or outdoor theme yoga poses – for example:

Tent Reverse Warrior

Fire Fire breathing.  Sit criss-cross on the floor with your hands in front of you and breathe in.  When you breathe out lift your hands above your head and clap.  Repeat fast and slow like flames of a fire!

Star  Star Pose.  Open and close hands to twinkle!

Rock Childs Pose

Tree Tree Pose

Mountain Mountain Pose

Moon Moon Pose

Insect Insect Pose

Fish  Fish Pose. Make fish faces in this pose!

Compass Sit on the floor with your legs spread apart.  Reach forward in all directions and talk about different directions.

Bird Airplane Pose.  Flap your arms like a bird!

River River Pose

Boat Boat Pose

Eagle My favourite as my cub leader husband scout name is Eagle! This is a fun one where you basically wrap yourself up like a pretzel!

See how many you can find and match to your theme and enjoy Yoga in the outdoors on your next hike or adventure