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My family favourite hiking meal to take to scouting events is the Happy Camper Gourmet Beefy Meatballs and pasta.

Recently on my canoe training I didn’t have any time to order more meatballs online so we just did Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice Recipe
1 x sachet of Continental Chicken Rice
1 x tin of shredded chicken (salt water) – my husband had 2 tins in his as he wanted more protein
Dehydrated peas to add more vegetables – my husband hates peas and basically anything green – and even picks out the peas that are in the chicken rice anyway

Heat water in hiking pot on your hiking stove till boiling ad add in chicken rice packet (and dehydrated peas if you want extra greens). Boil for a while and then put on lid to steam (this make the rice absorb the moisture to make it fluffy) – try to measure the water as we used too much for ours so it was a bit sloshy. Add in your chicken, heat and try to evaporate any left over water.

During my basic outdoor skills hiking training, I made Mango Chicken and Pasta. The recipe is below.

Mango chicken and pasta recipe
Coles sell squeezy mango puree (or apricot puree)
French onion soup packet (just put some into a ziplock bag you don’t need the entire packet if just you)
Risoni pasta (enough for 1 serve – 1/2 to 3/4 cup)
1 tin of shredded chicken (salt water)

Heat water to cook your pasta in your hiking pot on your hiking stove, when boiling add in your pasta. When cooked drain most of your water away just leaving a little bit to put your French onion soup mix in. Put in your mango or apricot puree. Serve and eat.
Option – you could add some curry powder if you would like to turn this into a curry and you could do rice instead of pasta.

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