Hiking Meals

I have been experimenting with Hiking Meals to get my daughter’s hiking pack weight down.

Mango Chicken Pasta (serves 1)

1 tin of chicken in saltwater

2-3 pieces of dried mango or 1 x squeeze Mango Puree (if you like small mango chunks use the dried mango but if you like a smooth sauce go with the puree) – use hot water to rehydrate mango

1/3 packet of french onion soup

50gm Risoni pasta (boils faster)

Cook pasta and rehydrate mango if used dried mango. Mix french onion soup and mango (or mango puree) to make the sauce and mix with cooked pasta.  You may also like to add vegetables (however my Scout daughter never wants to do that such as dehydrated peas etc.)

Note: You can also do Apricot Chicken with the same recipe but my children prefer the mango taste to apricots.