Bushwalking Stage 1 – Weather Watch Challenge – Scouting at Home

Scouting at home challenge activity for Bushwalking Stage 1 badge requirements. You can also provide your Joey Scouts with a template to watch the weather and include currents and tides if you want to provide boating/aquatic for sea scout groups.

Weather Watch Challenge

Planning is an important step when participating in any sort of activity. Now’s the perfect time to brush up on your planning skills to make sure they’re in top notch when we’re back out and about Scouting.


1. Watch the weather forecast for the coming weekend. 

2. Take note of the weather conditions – the temperature, precipitation, wind forecast etc.

3. Plan what clothing you would need if you were going out on a day hike on Sunday*.

4. List the items you would need to wear, and the things you would need to pack to bring with you.

*Feel free to tweak this activity to cover multiple days.

Reflection This activity encouraged you to practice your planning skills by analysing a weather forecast and making sure you’d be prepared and comfortable during a day hike. 

Fundraising Ideas for Scouts

Well we all know the Cadbury’s Chocolate box fundraisers and Bunnings Sausage sizzles but recently I have been looking at different ideas for fundraising for Jamboree for our scout group.  We also do cookie dough, living fundraisers and bulb fundraisers but looking for more interesting fundraising ideas has been an interesting internet journey.

My research journey led me to some interesting historical Scout Fundraising ideas.  The most interesting was from another blog https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/01/16/23-bizarre-but-true-fundraising-ideas-from-scoutings-past/ which gave the history of some of the scouting fundraising ideas of the past.

I was also interested in Denmead Scout Group’s annual Dinosaur Derby which has been going strong for over 20 years. Recently over 2,000 people came to enjoy the famed races of painted wooden dinosaurs which are pulled by ropes along a 100-metre course. Local businesses sponsored the event, which also featured traditional stalls and sideshows – and it raised a grand total of £5,000 for Scouting.  This annual type event was of interest to me as we will be having an event for a 50th anniversary of our Scout Group so starting some kind of annual fun event that represents our group is a fantastic idea.

Another group sells manure every year and although we have looked into this they must have a local source to sell at the level they have.  We also looked at selling fruit such as mangos but again you need direct access to a supplier. Our Christmas tree idea last year failed as the supplier we arranged had a poor year and was only doing local sales.

Other ideas such as a disco night, movie night, board games night, game system challenge night, cooking theme nights, selling popcorn, making donuts and making items to sell at a market was also great ideas I will be taking to the group.

My daughter is also making paracord bracelets and other paracord products to sell for her own personal fundraising.  I also plan to make some dilly bags to sell to new members or those who lose their dilly bag for a small profit for my own fundraising for Jamboree costs.

I will keep my blog up to date as to what fundraising ideas we try and how they work with some pictures.