Scouting at Home – Mothers Day 2020


Mother’s Day will be very different this year.  In our section, Joey Scouts would normally do a Mother’s Day activity at Scouts in the Hall where we would make cards, gifts or even pamper mum at the hall. This year will be much different. You will need to lead these activities and seek help from dads or older siblings to help you with these activities. This pack includes a number of ideas for Mother’s Day activities, however, Scouting is Youth leading – adults supporting. This pack is for support only so ideas in here are ideas your adult supporters have compiled for you to assist you.  The Joey Scout can research and be creative and make up their own card, gifts and breakfast.

Let’s start your plan with what do you want to do?

Card – what card do you want to do for your mum. There are some ideas attached of a Teapot card or superhero mum card but you may want to design your own and that is what scouting is about.

Gift – what does your mum like? What resources do you have? Are you able to get the materials you need to make what you want, maybe you need to change your idea?

Pamper – does my mum like her nails done? Does she need a massage? Can I make her a bath bomb or a jar of bath salts?

Breakfast – what does your mum like to eat? Does she like coffee, tea, juice? Do I need help cooking the breakfast? Who will help me? Do I need to go shopping to buy any ingredients?

I’ve also attached some activities with instructions and templates.  Have a look through them.  Feel free to do any of these ones or do the ideas that you have come up with!


After making your plan, start to do the activities you would like to do for your mum for Mother’s Day.

  1. Card
  2. Gift
  3. Breakfast


Joey Scouts, what did you think of the program?  Consider some of the questions below:

  • Which of the SPICES did I use or develop in this program?
  • What did I like doing for Mother’s Day this year?
  • Did my mum like what I did for her on Mother’s Day this year?
  • How was this year different and how did I feel about doing Mother’s Day activities at home?
  • What did I find difficult to do?
  • What could be improved in the program?