Wizard theme – Light Up Wands

Famous Wizard – Light Up Wands

SAFETY NOTE: Coin cell batteries are extremely harmful if swallowed!!! DO NOT do this project with any child who is prone to putting things in their mouth OR if you have sibling in the home who might put battery in tier mouth. For this reason, it is suggested to use a battery pack with this project and secure it in a manner that the battery is completely taped inside the final project. Even so, please be aware of the risks associated with using coin cell batteries and supervision of younger Joey Scouts when using is recommended and it put away from younger siblings when taken home.



To learn about electrical circuits and how electricity lights up a globe in a simple and fun creative electronic project which is linked to a popular book and movie theme of Harry Potter spell of the Lumos – wand-lighting charm and Nox – wand extinguishing charm.

You might want to use chopsticks or a piece of dowel instead of stick if you like. Also, other coloured electrical tape is fine as brown is hard to find and the multicoloured electrical tape in packs is cheaper.


Working with adults supporting (e.g. stripping wire) and wiring the circuit connection to the battery pack and LED light. This might be something that you want to prepare some in advance for the Joey Scouts ahead of time and then just demonstrate and let them try doing one and depending on time as the small wires and small LED are quite fiddly. You should allow the Joey Scouts to try to do as much as they can themselves though, especially in a patrol with older Joey Scouts helping the younger ones.


Discuss what you enjoyed most about this activity

What would you do differently next time?

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