Christmas Advent Calendars

As a weird person who is allergic to cocoa so that means no chocolate for me and my venturer daughter, I am always on the look out for alternatives at Christmas and Easter. Although I am never great at Christmas Avent Calendars and getting them in time and being home enough for the kids to open them each day (now mainly due to all of our scouting commitments). I decided last year to get a Lego Star Wars Avent calendar for my son last year and he thought it was awesome so on the lookout for another Lego Avent Calendar this year.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars that are not supporting daily intake of sugar and fat is what I really like now and there are more and more available each year so here are some I have found that

Awesome Avent Calendars

Lego City

Lego Harry Potter

Lego Friends

Mega Construx Despicable Me

Harry Potter Popup

Elf on a shelf 

Schleich Dinosaur

Note: Amazon affiliate links above*

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