Halloween 2019 – Spooky Scout Shed

I was on a mission to make a Spooky Scout Shed for my Joey Scouts and use as many recycled materials as I could.

Firstly I found someone who was giving away helium tanks on my local Buy Nothing Facebook page and she even posted inspiration that they could be turned into Halloween decorations. So I did that

Fluffy the drop bear.
After lots of comments about Halloween being American (which it isn’t it is Pagan tradition with origins from Scotland/Ireland) but anyway many older Australians are quite negative when it is just a bit of fun so I thought I would include a Drop Bear (Koala) to make it more Australian and Scouty. There is no Scout Leader or Scout in Australia that doesn’t have a chuckle over a drop bear story or two. I bought Fluffy for $5 from my local Salvo store and the lady at the counter told me he was so cute. I responded, “Not when I am finished with him”. She kind of gave me a weird look but I am used to that.

Zombie Barbie
I don’t particually like these gender stereotypical toys anyway so it gave me great pleasure to zombie up this “glam hairdressing doll” and call her Zombie Barbie.

Finished Spooky Shed video. Some parts are a bit dark in the end. This was reviewed with the Joeys and the following comments were made:

Not spooky enough need to have snakes
It was really scary and cool
I didn’t think it was that scary
I didn’t like the spiders in the tunnel

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