Dessert Burritos

My son recently had to make up a menu for a Scout cooking competition against the Venturer section and as he is only 11 and just gone up to Scouts from cubs has limited cooking skills. He has been making Taco’s on Tuesdays while I am out at Joeys and therefore he wanted a Mexican theme for his cooking.

He decided on Crispy Chicken Tacos with a corn salsa for main meal and then Dessert Burritos for dessert. The dessert burrito was the winning dish and the Scouts won the cooking challenge against the Venturers.

Dessert Burrito

Burrito tortillas

Chocolate (we had a leftover large block from Smore cones from camp so used this- alternatively you could use small choc chips).

Mini marshmallows

Bananas (sliced)

Shaved Almonds (as didn’t want nuts to be large) – remember if you need a nut free activity do not include nuts. You could put berries or dried fruit in instead.


The scouts melted the chocolate in a bowl in the Microwave and added all the other ingredients. The alternative camping method was to wrap the burrito and wrap in alfoil and melt using the campfire or in a frying pan over a gas burner.

Can be served with cream, custard or ice-cream (if not camping).

The judge (my cub leader husband) was very impressed and said that it was so yum and not too much of any one ingredients. It was well balanced apparently.


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