This is a blog page and online store for some fun indoor and outdoor activities for scout leaders and parents who love outdoors and nature . I am a mum of 2 and a scout leader and this blog is about some fun resources that I have made or discovered on my scouting journey. I will also be reviewing some products and items that I find useful for scouting.

This is a website which has been developed to share Scouting information, Blogs and resources. It is mainly aimed at Joey Scout resources.

Have a look through our resources and check out our Facebook page. Message me on Facebook if you have any suggestions about any resources you would like posted on the website or page. If you have done a Woodbadge project (especially a Joey Scout project) and you would like to share it message me and I will organise to have it sent and uploaded to the site.

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Scouts in Action Month 2019 – Aqua Scouts Program – Elastic Band Paddle Boats

https://www.scoutsinactionmonth.com/2019-aqua-scout Elastic Band Paddle Boats Plan Materials: Elastic Band Paddle Boats Equipment Popsicle Sticks, Glue Gun with Glue Sticks, Elastic Bands, Knife or Stanley Knife, Sandpaper Do Watch this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPg7Ivcm32g You may need to pre-make a boat so you know how many popsicle stick to use and have them pre-cut for the Joey … Continue reading Scouts in Action Month 2019 – Aqua Scouts Program – Elastic Band Paddle Boats

Scouting at Home – Mothers Day 2020

Plan Mother’s Day will be very different this year.  In our section, Joey Scouts would normally do a Mother’s Day activity at Scouts in the Hall where we would make cards, gifts or even pamper mum at the hall. This year will be much different. You will need to lead these activities and seek help … Continue reading Scouting at Home – Mothers Day 2020

Environment – Popstick Bird Feeder

Plan Materials: Rainbow coloured popsticks (or alternatively plain ones, paint and paint brush) Craft glue String Bird Seed Design your bird feeder Do Build your popstick bird feeder like the picture above or make your own creative one from your own design plan Review Are any birds using your feeder? Would you build it differently … Continue reading Environment – Popstick Bird Feeder

Bushwalking Stage 1 – Weather Watch Challenge – Scouting at Home

Scouting at home challenge activity for Bushwalking Stage 1 badge requirements. You can also provide your Joey Scouts with a template to watch the weather and include currents and tides if you want to provide boating/aquatic for sea scout groups. Weather Watch Challenge Planning is an important step when participating in any sort of activity. … Continue reading Bushwalking Stage 1 – Weather Watch Challenge – Scouting at Home

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